At Integrated Property Services, we provide a specific lease end make good and de-fit service to commercial tenants.

The service takes care of everything required under your lease in putting the property back to original condition during what is normally a stressful time for outgoing tenants.

We have over 50 years’ experience in the property business and we provide a one stop shop for everything needed to give the property a makeover before handing back to your Landlord.

Some of the many items that we can attend to as part of our Lease End Service:

  • Removal of existing furniture and built-in units
  • Removal of office partitions
  • Re-instating ceiling tiles and grids
  • Making good general wear and tear – plaster patching
  • Re-decoration
  • Cleaning or replacement of carpets and floor finishes
  • Electrical and data cabling removal and making good
  • Mechanical Services removal

One call to us will have these and many other items completed in a fast and efficient manner and always on budget. We will handle the entire project from start to finish with a project co-ordinator ensuring the property is handed back in the required condition and ensuring that the Landlord has no reason not to return any bonds or deposits.