pre-sale kitchen cleanupClient: Signal Properties Ltd
Estate Agent: Savills
Property: Idrone Terrace, Blackrock

This property has been let out in three units. One of the flats had been occupied by the same tenant for over 40 years. Integrated Property Services arranged to have all the furniture and removable items taken from site and disposed of.

The property was then thoroughly cleaned, the bathrooms and Kitchen were re-painted. Repairs were carried out and patches of damp were treated and any unsightly stains were blocked. The carpets were cleaned throughout and the garden was cut back and keep tidy until sale was closed.

We at Signal Properties Ltd were delighted with the quick and efficient service provided by Integrated Property Services, the property looked so much better after the freshening up had been completed, we have no doubt that the outlay spend paid back in multiples as we achieved a considerably high sales figure than was expected… we will definitely be using Integrated Property Services again